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Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal Watch
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Wysłany: 2023-05-29, 12:41   Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal Watch

Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal Watch - A Miniature Bugatti Engine on Your Wrist

Jacob & Co. and Bugatti present the Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire crystal watch. This is a luxury watch where you can see a Bugatti 16-cylinder engine on your wrist. This isn't just another watch with what looks like a supercar engine, it really runs like one. This movement powers the chronograph function and the 60-second flying tourbillon. The right crown activates the rotation of 16 piston pumps and 2 turbochargers and provides the ultimate show piece, it lets the engine "roar" from your wrist.

Jacob & Co. developed luxury timepieces that no one else could have imagined, including this timepiece that would become the world's first motorized wristwatch.

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To house the tiny supercar engine, Jacob & Co. made a special case out of blue sapphire crystal, a material that is difficult to work and expensive to manufacture for timepieces. The sapphire crystal was carefully chosen because no other material could reveal the exquisite mechanisms inside this luxury timepiece. Thanks to the transparent case, the Bugatti Chiron JCAM37 offers a 360-degree view of the 578 hand-assembled parts, including the 51 jewels required for the assembly of the movement.

If you want to see a miniature model of a moving W-16 engine on your wrist, this is the only way.

Bugatti's partnership with Jacob & Co. is only a year old, but this is the third watch from it so far.

For example, it has a scaled-down version of the Bugatti Chiron's 16-cylinder engine that actually moves and levitates on tiny impacts.

If you plan to wear a very expensive watch, it makes sense to choose a watch that simply embodies the sheer meaninglessness of a very expensive watch. For example, this new "high complication timepiece" from Jacob & Co uses the tiny W-16 engine from the Bugatti Chiron.

To be sure, this Chiron-inspired watch (officially known as the Bugatti Chiron 16 Cylinder Tourbillon) featured a great deal of sophisticated engineering. The actual Chiron has a 1,500-horsepower 8.0-liter 16-cylinder engine, which means designers at Jacob & Co worked hard to get 16 tiny pistons that move a tiny solid steel crankshaft that acts as a focal point. The crankshaft is "one of the smallest and most complex watch parts ever manufactured," the company said.

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That's the kind of challenge Jacob & Co's designers seem to relish. When Jacob & Co announced its partnership with Bugatti in March 2019, company founder Jacob Arabo said at the time that the Chiron represented "perfect and refined engineering".

No matter how many are produced, the tiny engines in watches don't always spin—"press the start button and it goes off," says Jacob & Co—but to make sure you can see all these moving parts, when they move, , the watch has sapphire crystals on the top and sides. Jacob & Co says the watch movement is suspended in four positions, thanks to shock absorbers that look like the Chiron itself shrank.

The sapphire crystal window showing the 16-cylinder tourbillon (a device the watchmaker says was originally added to watches to improve accuracy, but is now more of a "demonstration of novelty and watchmaking virtuosity", As Wikipedia says) was even modeled on Bugatti's horseshoe grill. The crystals are housed in a 54 x 44mm titanium case "inspired by the Chiron's fluid lines," complete with tiny Bugatti logos. In other words, this watch takes a lot of inspiration from the Chiron and puts it on your wrist.

There's another fitting comparison between a watch and a car, since a watch is pretty much the only thing that fits in the actual Chiron's tiny trunk.
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