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At Least One Bidder Matched Roman Abramo
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Wysłany: 2023-02-17, 09:23   At Least One Bidder Matched Roman Abramo

At least Taylor Gabriel Jersey one bidder has matched Roman Abramovich's 3 billion valuation of Chelsea ahead of the deadline for bids to be submitted on Friday March 18.It was previously reported that the Ru sian, who was forced to put Chelsea up for sale after sanctions from the UK Government, .It has since been revealed that he will not take any profits from the sale after his a sets were seised.And now, as per , the initial 3 billion valuation has been met as bids were submitted to Raine Group.Raine Group are in charge of proceedings after being given the green light by the Government to continue Prince Amukamara Jersey with the sale proce s, meaning that they will have the final say over the bidding proce s and parties involved.It is Allen Robinson Jersey thought that the merchant bank will a se s bids over the weekend and whittle it down to two or three preferred options early next week.Scroll to ContinueThe bid to have met the valuation is not believed to be the Todd Boehly consortium, who think thattheir stewardship of the Dodgers and their expertise in property development Gale Sayers Jersey given the need to rebuild Stamford Bridge makes them an attractive proposition .Elsewhere, it has been reported that , which would meet Abramovich's valuation of the Club.This would make them the highest bidder, however, Raine Group have stated that it will not nece sarily be the highest bidder that wins the race for the Blues.Going into Friday's deadline, there could be 27 bids going in with Roquan Smith Jersey up to .It is sure to be a busy weekend for the Blues and Raine Group ahead of the takeover.Follow Absolute Chelsea on: | | |

Skąd: shenzhen
Wysłany: 2023-03-23, 09:44
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