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Converse Star Player Ox Cactus Flower
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Wysłany: 2021-09-08, 05:03   Converse Star Player Ox Cactus Flower

Converse shoe lovers who want a better fitting sneaker that’s durable and with a good Converse Star Player Ox Black amount of padding all around, meet the Star Player. If you’re a skateboarder looking for a comfier alternative to the traditional Converse All-Stars, this kick is an ideal candidate.

Looking to its Chuck Taylor and One Star for inspiration when it comes to silhouette, Converse takes a walk on the wild side with these fuchsia Converse Star Player Ox Cactus Flower pink Star Player Ox sneakers. They’re made with bold bouclé uppers, accented with orange hiking laces, and completed with a base of wrap-around white rubber.

Rooted in heritage of both the Converse Chuck Taylor and One Star, the Star Player Ox is another proposition from the One Star brand sure to find a home across peoples of all walks of life. Recently, the low-top silhouette Converse Star Player Ox White has appeared in two vibrant colorways built out of bouclé. As with some of Converse‘s most storied basketball silhouettes, star logos on the profiles are accompanied by chevrons, both featuring a cut-out aesthetic on the newly-launched duo. Toe caps are left intact from the brand’s century-old silhouette, while detailing along the tongue is updated with canvas and TPU.

Hike-inspired laces deliver flair onto both propositions, with their purple color Converse Star Player Ox Grey scheme assisting the “White Swan” pair from being entirely understated. The “Cactus Flower” counterpart boasts an equally-eye-catching orange makeup, but it’s yarn upper needs very little help to stand out. Underfoot, each Star Player Ox opts into an “Egret” composition across its sole unit, as a nod to the brand’s original design choice.
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