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adidas tubular defiant black
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Wysłany: 2021-07-09, 08:09   adidas tubular defiant black

Adidas Originals footwear has always taken an approach to redefine casual shoes and sneakers. From Superstars and Stan Smiths to Gazelles and the Tubular series of shoes. The adidas Tubular Shoes fuse the iconic ’93 runner with cutting edge style to satisfy the new and the old. Bringing forth a modern look by innovating a classic design, these shoes are just what a fashion forward person like you would like to sport on the regular.

Featuring an alluring 3D effect that has been finished with a diamond pattern, these adidas sneakers for sale adidas Tubular shoes are made with a two-tone mélange knit upper. These shoes contour perfectly to your foot and give them a snug fit whilst the “burrito” tongue comes with contrasting stitched details – aiding these shoes to stand out among the crowd.

A progressive design update to an archive style that was ahead of its time in the '90s, the Tubular Runner fuses a bold look with modern materials.adidas tubular defiant black Tubular is named after the innovative outsole design that is featured on the shoe that mimics the rubber outside of a car tire. The Tubular's upper is a single pieced neoprene booty with fused overlays on the toe. A laser-cut heel cage echoes the details of the iconic ZX 700 shoe.

The adidas Tubular Shadow New Trending reinvents the '90s design into a modern style that's perfect for streetwear. Originally inspired by the ridged patterns and thick tread of car tires, the upper is composed of a combination of suede and nubuck dressed in a white-speckled maroon color scheme. This minimalistic design is complemented with subtle branding on the tongue and heel tab. The substantial thick rubber midsole is paired with a cushioned footbed and EVA outsole to ensure long-lasting comfort all day.
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