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nike air max 97 silver bullet
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Wysłany: 2021-06-08, 07:35   nike air max 97 silver bullet

In 1997, the Air Max 97 was launched. The model was designed by Christian Tresser. The very first colorway on this model was the 'Silver Bullet'. Throughout the years, we have seen this colorway coming back on the Air Max 97. The model was the first Nike sneaker to have the 'Air Unit' over the entire sole. The sole does not only look cool, it also makes the sneaker extra comfortable. The Air Max 97 has seen many colorways. This time it is the leopard print that makes our hearts beat faster.

This time, the iconic Air Max 97 has a cream tinted upper. The sneaker consists of nike sneakers womens white multiple layers. The upper is primarily made of mesh, while the lower layer is made of suede. The beloved leopard print is most evident on this part, but is further seen across the entire upper. The cream colour is found on the outsole. The midsole is white. As a final detail, the branding and Mini-Swoosh are embroidered with orange thread.

To go along with the upcoming Air Max 2090, the Air Max 97 is joining the gradient-dressed nike air max 97 silver bullet “The Future is in the Air” collection. Like that of its more futuristic counterpart, the AM97 writes the overarching themes atop its upper, the text applied in thick, handwritten font. Swooshes mimic the style atop the heels of both feet as well as the insole, while the logos at the side and tongue stay more refined.

The Air Unit and patterned mid-panel are also quite reminiscent of the aforementioned, with 100% Authentic the former featuring an identical gradient and the latter an array of circular embellishments. But the similarities effectively end there: the transitioning color along the leather mudguard and mesh unders are far more pastel-driven and the scheme as a whole is just lighter by comparison.
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